Sell Your Trade Claim

If you have a debtor that went bankrupt and owes you money, it can take an unknown amount of time to get money your from the court system (if any).  It is difficult to know how much money you will get.

If you want to get in touch with firms that buy trade claims, simply click the Sell Your Trade Claim button. The inquiry will go directly to the firms who will contact you if they have interest.

Considerations When Selling A Trade Claim

  • Don’t accept the first offer. If there is one entity offering to buy, there are probably others that are also interested. Proactively search for other distressed debt purchasing firms that might have a better offer.
  • Research your bankruptcy claim before you sell. The more you know about the debtor’s assets and business, the better you can determine a reasonable price for your claim. If possible, obtain a disclosure statement that projects what the potential distribution might be.
  • Do not sign anything without first getting professional advice. Consult legal counsel or an expert in bankruptcy claims trading. Bankruptcy claims trading is largely unregulated and the bankruptcy courts provide only limited oversight.
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