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There are different types of Credit Insurance companies — some specialize in Credit Insurance, and nothing else, while others are large insurance companies that offer business Credit Insurance as a specialty product. Explore the differences in the types of insurers, and find an one that offers the best value.

Finding the appropriate Credit Insurance carrier can be a daunting task. You should consider utilizing a knowledgeable Credit Insurance broker.


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There are different types of Credit Insurance providers, including:

Limits Underwriters
Features Benefits

Large staff of underwriters

More underwriters working for you

Different teams evaluating credit risk and policy structure/cost

In depth analysis/assessment of credit risks

Global presence

Develop a global reputation; expands your clientele

Information on campanies worldwide

Assess risk associated with companies worldwide

Fast credit turnaround

Can evaluate all credit limit decisions

Insurer can reduce or cancel a credit limit if risk changes Early warning system, delivering credit risk
Excess Loss of Underwriters
Features Benefits

Same underwriter for policy, pricing, structure and credit risk

One key person understands entire relationship and has policy and coverage authority

Insurance company cannot reduce or cancel credit limits

Insurance company will not change or reduce coverage for policy period

Risk sharing - typically large deductible

Lower premium

For clients wth complex needs The underwriter relies on the processes you already have in place
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