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Understanding A Restrictive Decision In Credit Insurance and How to Go Beyond The Good Accounts
by Joe Ketzner

Credit Insurance - Understanding a Restrictive Decision and Beyond “only accept the good accounts”

The general trade credit insurance market is represented by two fundamental and distinct underwriting philosophies.

Trade Credit Insurance Distribution Channels
by Joe Ketzner

Finding the Right Trade Credit Insurance Partner begins with a Professional Intermediary

Trade credit insurance, the process of getting started. Why, how and who should investigate the benefits and value of trade credit insurance prior to purchasing the product?

The Mask For Businesses During COVID19
by Joe Ketzner

plain mask for businesses during tough times

The pandemic, the mask, and Trade Credit Insurance

The world continues to debate the value and usefulness of a mask to stem the transmission of the Covid-19 virus even as vaccines and confirmed infections advance herd immunity. A comparable debate regarding the usefulness of trade credit insurance as a viable financial tool gains new focus as the emergence from a global economic downturn continues.

Beyond Indemnification: The Cadillac Story
by Joe Ketzner

Beyond Protection Against a Catastrophic Bad Debt Loss, Trade Credit Insurance is a Service

Have you ever been involved in an automobile accident? Likely the answer is “yes” and equally as likely the experience dealing with the insurance company was not pleasurable. 

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